Egypt Culture: Your Window to the World of the Pharaohs

Egypt is a sensational country, not only because of its vintage attractions and some unique landmarks, but also because of its huge wealth of culture which never fails to send a shiver of excitement down your spine. Egypt culture is intriguingly interesting and it is the joy of unfolding it layer by layer which can make you stay back here for the rest of the life.

The world we live in today is annoyingly littered with gadgets and gizmos. The cacophony and the stinging glamor can sap you of the real innocent joy of nature and history. Egypt, in this context, will be your passport to the land of history where things are not just innocuously chaste but are surprisingly bizarre. But before you start eyeballing the attractions, you will require to learn a bit or two about the procedure of acquisition of an Egypt entry visa. It is not a tough ask, provided that you are ready with your documents and photograph.

Once you are inside the country, ready to scan your eyes through the pile of tourist spots, you will come face to face with some goose bump-giving landmarks and anecdotes. While the Giza’s pyramids will raise your eyebrow further and the Sphinx shall make you drop your jaws in delight, the real ‘oh my God’ moment shall be experienced at Luxor which has some of the most unique and versatile of the country’s attractions.

At the Mummification Museum, you will not just see the dead mummies but you can actually learn about the process of mummification and embalming. It can be a repulsive sight for the sensitive people but for those who have a keen interest in mummies, it will be a wonderful experience. It shall also leave you with some insightful inroads into the Egypt culture. You will discover the methods applied by people of the past and the present. You will also learn how the ritual has affected the civilization and how it has changed over the centuries.

Luxor is also home to the most historic and the largest temples in the world. Visiting them will be akin to walking into the land of the past. As far as culture is concerned, you shall discover how they actually blur the line between the country’s past and the present. Valley of Kings is a tourist spot and your intimate rendezvous with the dead Pharaohs. Some of the Pharaohs lie buried here and these tombs will form the only stony barricade separating you from the men who lived hundreds of years ago. It can be spine-chilling and you may feel a strong rush of hormones in your body, all of them battling to live this moment through your eyes and ears.

You cannot get a better insight into the present-age Egypt culture than by exploring the local bazaars. Cairo’s Khan-al-Khalili market is a place where locals and tourists come together in the name of trading and shopping. Though the place lives under the garb of a market, it is much more than just that. It is a venue where the world sees the true face of Egypt, with its chaos, crowd, dust and culture all thoroughly intact.

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